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YBike Balance Bike
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Balance bike is a very effective bike to reach your children the basics of balancing and steering. Not only does the bike make your children fearless but also the bike helps your children to become mentally and physically healthy.

YBIKE Balance Bike is a balance bike made for smallest of the toddlers. Even though and plastic and cheap looking body of the bike may make some consumers think of buying another bike but the pricing of $70 is sure to catch a specific market of budget conscious people.

What would Ybike Balance Bike bring to you?

The bike is made of plastic which is extremely lightweight and it can easily minimize the chance of accidents. The bike is so light that your child can carry it outside without your help and also you do not have to carry it outside every time. As the bike has plastic tires parents do not have to carry a pumper with them as emergency.

Parents do not have to worry about keeping the bike outside because it is weatherproof. Closely situated 2 rear wheels can create more stability and less instability to the bike which can also minimize accidents by your child.

Feature Highlights.

  • The body of the bike is fully made of plastic which also includes the handle and the tire.
  • 2 rear wheels give more stability to the bike.
  • The plastic made body of the bike is extremely lightweight.
  • The original one is for children under 4 and the extreme one is for children above 4.

Pros and Cons:


  • Has one of the cheapest price tag on the market
  • Children can start riding the bike as early as they reach 2 years
  • Teaches static as well as dynamic balancing
  • The plastic body is weatherproof
  • The saddle is made in such a way any child aging 2 - 4 fits in it perfectly
  • Can be ridden both in indoor and outdoor
  • Can choose your favorite color among the 4 available colors
  • Bolts are inserted making a deep hope on the plastic for more safety
  • As the tires are made of plastic there is no pumping problem


The plastic made body feels very cheap. The plastic made tire might not grip on muddy grounds. There is no footrest in the bike. Not much customization available. Seat height cannot be adjusted according to your child’s height.

YBIKE does not come with any brake whereas some other balance bikes in the market are providing brakes for better riding experience. The plastic made seat is not the most comfortable one in the market.



Product Use Guide.

YBIKE Balance Bike come pre-made and you do not have to assemble anything after buying the bike. At first make sure the seat height is comfortable for your child before buying the toy. Position your child on the bike or let him position himself and then give him to do the rest.

How to Maintain and Clean.

Even though the bike is made out of plastic it should be cleaned once a while to get the most out of it. Do not take the bike near flame. Go to the nearest store for any inconvenience about the bike.

Frequently Asked Question about this bike.

There are plenty of question asked about the bike. Here are some most asked question and their answers

  1. When can my child start riding this bike?

Your child can ride the bike as early as 18 months old.

  1. How can I know my 2 years old child will fit on the bike perfectly?

In our test we found that most children of 2 years age fits on the bike perfectly.

  1. How much time does it take to learn the balancing part?

It will take approximately 5 days to learn the balancing part as this bike has more stability than other bikes.

In the midst of this crowded competition of bikes YBIKE has to come up with some important features to distinguish the bike just like Kinderfeets Balance Bike. Up until now YBIKE has little to offer to its customer base even though it has a dominating price tag. Overall a bike for the budget conscious people and  youngest of the toddlers, this bike has the potential to live up to the competition but with some changes.


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